Sunday, September 28, 2014

Requiem for Love

Join me at this
faultless grave
Feel not ashamed,
at least no more than I 

Let us offer a eulogy
Remove the fig leaves
from our thighs
and place them down
like funeral flowers upon the soil
that cradles her to sleep

Let us cry, my dear
We must!
Cry for every tear we thrust 
into her eyes
Only tears can baptize us,
as Jordan's tides,
to start anew

Let us bleed, my dear
Please trust!
Bleed for every drop we drank
from her tender veins
Only when we die for her
can we hope 
to live again

She will not stir for us this time
Only echoes interrupt our nights
the black sky blinds, the cold wind bites.

Let us bid her sad farewell
Though she does not hear us now
She will not rise, despite the bounden oath we took,
to unite us beyond this resting place
Not this time
Not ever again


  1. Very stirring, very beautiful

  2. Thank you. Love does not die in a lone heart, but often, love cannot carry two hearts to completion.