Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eden's Lair

You call to me form Eden's Lair
To finish what we started there

Your eyes are hollow, blank and blind
Your weakened state is so divine

You cling to the forbidden tree
With all your thoughtless mastery

Yes, my dear, that fruit was sweet
I tore into its bloody meat

With razor teeth and dripping chin
Then I felt the chill set in

I ran away into the black
I swore I wasn't coming back

November's sky, she blinds my way
Whispering that I should stay

Behind her back, December's wind
Come to freeze us in our sin

Still you stand alone and proud
But hide your face behind a shroud

Please, I beg you, run from there
You've been numbered hair by hair

The day will come, and very soon
When Eden will become your tomb

Fall I did, and lost my way
But I won't see that wretched day

You may never get that chance
Should you not wake from your trance

You spit my name, you tear your hair
As you hide in Eden's Lair

for SLM

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