Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Old Man

The old man sat
on the frail perch of dawn
As he usually did,
He'd left his shoes on

from the day before,
afraid, perhaps
if he had not
this would be the last

resting place
for his failing heart
the final stop
for his one last start

The sun crept in
through his high stone walls
a deafening silence 
filled the halls

Spiders spun
across his door
he didn't need it

Dreams lay scattered
across his mind
he did not dare
to organize

them into days, 
months or years
Rust must not
revert to tears

He laid out his medals
He numbered his wounds
He knew that the hour
was coming soon

He pulled out a picture
then tossed it aside
who was that stranger,
that face of a bride?

One hundred years
at forty-two
Autumn, it had
come too soon

the clock had stopped
t'was the hour she left
He'd already died.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Empty Sky

Empty sky, let your silver curtain fall
I will stand, a soldier tall
Bathe in bullets, winds of war
Blind my eyes and let me search for her no more

Wash away the path that leads to all that was;
I will find a different cause, 
Swimming in your squalid stream.
Send your icy baptism, make me clean.

Empty sky blessed be our pallid bond
Your hopeless hope I rest upon
Tear the rainbow ribbon down
Chase the sunshine, send it crying to the ground

When love fails us, or we fail love, or perhaps a bit of both,
it can be difficult to move forward, and we often find ourselves frozen to the very spot we stand

Rule Yourself excerpt

This excerpt comes to me from my literary friend and Christopher Reilly. It struck me immediately with its very powerful message. Thanks Chris!

Once you have been properly imprisoned
you can make friends with the rats,
get yourself elected governor of the cell,
rule your domain.

Take your time to feel the cold stones
beneath you, mark the time
with hoarded chalk,
relax into your shackles